REVIEW: Home #5

While Home #5 is a full blown rescue mission, it’s little Lisa’s dialogue throughout the issue that is the real highlight of this installment. The issue opens with the Fosters trapped in Dr. Grimes lab, and Kevin being experimented on. Linda, Tim and Tom make their way into the lab to rescue the family. Lisa’s lines throughout the ordeal, whether to her captors or with her family, are priceless. The issue wraps up with a high speed car chase back to the Foster’s home, and a really unique escape from all that’s going on.

While this issue doesn’t offer much in terms of story, there is some action and terrific dialogue. As I mentioned, young Lisa has the mouth of a sailor, and it really helps get through the slow parts of the issue. Hopefully the creators can find a way to focus more time on her character and i’m sure she’ll be the breakout star of this series.

FINAL VERDICT: Home #5 is not a perfect comic by any stretch of the imagination, but there is enough there to cautiously keep an eye on the future of the book. Catch up on a future star in the making in Little Ms. Lisa!

Story: Michael Coast
Art: Francis Nuguit/Vincenzo Riccardi
Publisher: Double Take

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