REVIEW: Honor # 5

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you Honor # 5 by Bill Jemas, Michael Coast, Frank Ortega, Ian Deming, Michael Coast and Jonathan Ashley with art by Raphael Sam, Dennis Crisostomo, Jethro Morales, Novo Malgapo, Brett Smith, Carlos Lopez, Robert Nix, Lisa Moore and Juanmar Studios. Cover art is by Apple Qingyang Zhang and Crystal Graziano, letters by Charlotte Greenbaum. Proudly published by Double Take.

Another title from Double Take’s of The Night of the Living Dead story, unlike Medic which focused on the medical staff Honor is centered around the police department as Kevin the utmost expert of the Double Take universe introduces the readers to the characters. Two key scenarios in this book involve the boys in blue that discover abnormalities with old people – and I’m not talking about them finghting over bingo seats or wandering in the street and getting lost. There is some crazy stuff here and the include the living dead.

Would the law enforcement be able to control what will be put forward to them? Will we be safe? – well you gotta read it to find out!
I found the pacing in this book a lot better than Medic as there was more action involved which kept me intrigued through 70% of the book, the art style in the action scenes were a bit of a let down (considering there were 9 people working on art) and the dialogue was a bit rough. With different artists involved in this book, the shift of art styles did bug me at first however I see this as a shift from scene to scene as is a lot happening in this book.

I get where this is going and being the story that involving police and action, I wished the art would propel the action scenes a lot more and give the story more grit visually. Just like Medic, I can see something coming further more and hope to see the next chapter.

PS: I do love that cover, she can frisk me anytime!

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