REVIEW: Hot Damn #5

Hot Damn #5 is a pretty interesting read, but it’s for those who like crude humor and modern slang. Kids are definitely not allowed, and it’s pretty much a Judd Apatow movie in comic book form.

The premise is pretty interesting, and the idea of heaven vs. hell and the Second Coming is an idea that has been written about countless times. Everyone has their own take on it, and writer Ryan Ferrier is no different. Though his version includes pretty typical average dude humor, as that seems to be the target audience. There are some women in the story, but their characters don’t really stand out as mind-blowing. Most of the characters are pretty muted and the typical dude-bro, but it really doesn’t seem to be the type of story where the characters have to completely blow your mind. It’s more of a stoner flick gone comic.

Because this is the ending of the series, I was interested to see just how this idea would come to a close. It didn’t amaze me, and was honestly pretty boring. But again, this is more of a chill story, and something you would read if you were looking for a book to mildly entertain you or to kill time.

The art, on the other paw, is pretty nifty. Valentin Ramon has a unique art style, and it’s definitely more along the lines of something I would see in an Adult Swim show. I do feel that the artwork and colors that compliment it are much better than the actual story itself, though some scenes do feel crowded. I had no idea that a couple big panels were supposed to be fighting sequences, as the illustrations don’t convey motion and take on more of a stagnant approach. But that isn’t always a bad thing, and it’s an art style that can work with this particular lazy story.

One thing I caught was a misspelling, and it’s a pet peeve of mine when someone can’t double check to figure out if they’re using the word “your” or “you’re”. Come on, that’s elementary school stuff, at least have the word spelled correctly.

All in all, it was an okay read. Will I go out and buy the series? No. But I will check out more of Ramon’s artwork.

Story: 3 stars
Artwork: 4 stars
Color: 4 stars

STORY BY Ryan Ferrier
ART BY Valentin Ramon
COVER BY Valentin Ramon
PUBLISHER IDW Entertainment

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