REVIEW: Howard the Duck #10

Written by Chip Zdarsky, Art by Joe Quinones, published by Marvel

Well Mister Zdarsky,  you don’t need to put yourself down too hard, this is pretty good. It’s quasi meta narrative has been done before but it’s always fun when done well, and it has been done well here. The story is strong, there’s plenty of knowing winks and nods to the industry and it all feels like a comfy pair of Grant Morrison’s slippers but with sharper humour and purple aliens instead of yellow ones having the demiurgic role in Howard’s life.

I was a bit confused by the art at first, it feels a lot like Mike Allred’s, which is good but I didn’t know that one of the characters had stretching powers so the first time I saw the character in action I was a bit taken aback by the appalling anatomy and perspective and was quickly relieved with the dawning of realisation a page or two later. It’s good art, I like the Emo Sentinel.

If you like meta comics, try this. I loved the last issue I read, I really liked this one and it’s very self-aware, not just in a Deadpool style, but in that all Howard T Duck comics follow in the shadow of Gerber and it feels nervous of this. I say knickers to that, get over the nerves and do a comic that makes the original proud, this almost does that. 4.4/5


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