REVIEW: Huck #1

STORY BY Mark Millar, ART BY Rafael Albuquerque, Publisher: Image Comics

Every now and again a book comes along that just makes you smile.  Ok, not “just” smile, but after reading it you have a big dopey grin from ear to ear, with the pure joy of reading something that is so simple, but somehow transcends the sum of all it’s various parts.  Huck is definitely one of those books.

In a little town in the middle of America, a little baby, left at the orphanage with a plea to “love him”, grows into the “special” guy who works at the gas station.  What makes him so special?  You are going to have to read the book!

Mark Millar, is used to deconstructing heroes, here taking on elements of Superman and to a certain extent, Captain America.  This is a book about the spirit of these archetypical heroes, defined not just by the actions, but by their intentions. The script sparkles, creating emotions throughout the book, through every moment, whether its the new resident getting a lesson about life in the town all the may to the “we made a promise” moment.

Equally up to the task is Rafael Albuquerque whose art endorses the theme of the book, in a quiet and reserved manner reminiscent of comics from yesteryear.   The look on Huck’s face, when he finds the necklace is almost worth the cover price alone, as anyone who has managed to give someone they care about, that one amazing gift will be able to attest.  Albuquerque is more than aided and abetted, by colorist Dave McCaig, whose work gives the book a painted feel essentially adding a level of warmth to proceedings.

Millar and Albuquerque, who both created Huck, may have taken elements of their “intention powered” hero from  a bygone era, but they are not resting on their laurels. This is the first issue of the series and its good to see that the pair have clearly thought how to move the story along, recognizing, that no matter how good the pony is, if it can only do one trick, it can get pretty boring.  As it is, this book is definitely worth a look and if you are taking a detour from your normal purchases, give this book a go!

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