REVIEW: Hyper Slum #1

WRITER: Julian May
ARTIST(s): Morgan Sawyer
LETTERER: Morgan Sawyer
COLORIST: Scappaticci
COVER ARTIST(s): Sawyer, Scappaticci
PUBLISHER: Gnosis Comics
RELEASE DATE: 06/10/2015

Indie comics often surpass those published by the Big 2 with startling characterization, exciting art, and vibrant colors. This, unfortunately, was not one of those times.

Julian May’s story isn’t boring. It isn’t something that is a drag to read through. That being said, it’s not a particular pleasure. In a first issue, especially one where your primary audience either likes you through online media or are a friend/family member, you want to draw people in. The first page should kickstart a ride that, though it may have its more slow loops, delivers thrills until the end. With this first issue, the ride continues, and isn’t a bore, but isn’t necessarily exciting. At no point do I jump to turn the page. Rather, I dutifully do so, and I finish the issue with satisfaction, but not exuberance.

In other news, the issue’s art just wasn’t for me. While at first I hoped to see some radical choices made in the style and details, this issue seemed to play it very safe. Many panels didn’t have that necessity that I look for when reading sequential art, and the movement fell flat at times. End product, it makes the art not be a major motivation to continue the story, and combined with the writing, the book has some problems. Its only major save is the coloring, which keeps the art looking fresh at its high points and passable at its low points.

This issue wouldn’t be bad for a third or fourth issue, a continuation but not conclusion of a story. But unfortunately, for a first issue, especially one that has such a limited audience, it falls flat just enough where a reader may be hesitant to return to a story that, despite its problems, is creative and has a good path ahead of it.


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