REVIEW: Hyperion #5

STORY BY Chuck Wendig, ART BY Ario Anindito, Published by Marvel

I feel like a corpse, only not as warm and cuddly. Chest infection so the simple fact I made it to the end of this comic speaks for its quality.

Hack Snyder should read this, because this is Man of Steel done right, i.e, a Superman with a code highlighted with the blood of his enemies. He doesn’t go all “fuck Metropolis” but he’s a simple character in a complicated world and his reaction to this world is everything MoS should have been for the first hour and a half. In this his…sidekick? Ward? Young female accomplice, Doll, gets him to try speed dating because she thinks he needs to “get some” and the result is fairly spectacular.

There’s a fucking creepy villain who would require more than a restraining order to stop him from going after Doll, a superhero romance that would make Wonder Woman doubt Superman’s manliness and a dog who farts a lot. Put all these things together and you have a collection of jigsaw pieces that have to keep turning around to try to fit together and it’s all really fascinating to watch.

So Wendig got the Superman analog right, shame about the Batman one.

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