REVIEW: I Am Groot #1

Like most of you who have seen GOTG I am totally in love with Groot, especially in his baby form. So much so that I have a 3D printed model of him and when I got this first issue of his comic I was super excited.

The art work is beautiful in many ways it reminds me of an animated series rather than a static page. It pulls you in and you want to pay more attention to the art work than normal, looking back at certain panels and searching for more. The writing is witting and a lot like the movie making it easy to follow the relationships between these characters.

We begin our story with an intense looking baby Groot at the helm of the ship, firing madly into space. Unfortunately he is firing at nothing and it’s just his imagination, because being a child he’s bored hanging out in space when there is nothing to do.  In come Star Lord (sporting a nice beard, I do love a beard ?) telling Groot that taking over the ship for an imagery fight is a NO NO, so off Groot runs …I AM GROOT!!!!

As Groot makes a run for it, Quill notices something strange and it’s about to grab the ship then it shakes it up. What do you do in this situation, you call in the gang. While this is happening, Groot is playing hide and seek and jumps out at Gamora as she runs to see what’s going on. He jumps out at her and she kicks his little but. Gamora is not impressed, Rockets shows up and the responsibility of talking to Groot about his behaviour is given to him. After a heart to heart they iron things out Rocket heads to the rest of the team.

The team look ahead at what they kind is a black hold but soon realise is not it’s a disturbance in space-time. This is not good. So, the obvious this is to get the hell outta there right, well Groot has other ideas. Jumping his tiny butt into the driving seat and steering them right into the disturbance. Can we get a communal NOOOOOOOO. In they go and out the pop and since Groot wants more adventure his pops the launch pod and down to the unknown he goes. And this my friends are where Groot’s big adventure begins, with strange god like beings, imaginary friends and a Pug that’s been enhanced and mutilated in equal amounts. He seems to know what he’s doing though so off Groot goes with his new friend to find is big adventure in TERMINAL.

I enjoyed this first outing for Groot and look forward to finding out what else happens. This is a good starter comic for some of our younger readers and as I said before visually it will keep them looking. 4 out of 5

Written by Christopher Hastings
Art by Flaviano
Cover by Marco D’Alfonso
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