REVIEW: I Hate Fairyland #16: Hell in a Handbasket

I have been a huge fan of the I Hate Fairyland series and have read every issue so far through the 3 graphic novel collections, all of which I’ve reviewed so if you want some input on what has come before feel free to check them out.  Having caught up on the graphic novels I was excited to see in my inbox a shiny new issue of my new favorite over the top dark comedy series.

I Hate Fairyland #16 takes place right after the cliffhanger ending of issue #15 (or volume 3 if you read it the way I did) and finds our sociopathic heroine dead and standing in front of the Lord of Hell after so nearly escaping Fairyland once and for all. Not many writers can kill off the main character in their title and actually make following their exploits MORE entertaining, but the enigmatic Skottie Young has managed to do just that.

Gert being an unusual young lady (putting it mildly) does not succumb to the usual tortures of Hell.  Things that would shake most people to their core, like seeing her arch nemesis in charge of Hell (they even tried a few different ones and still nothing) or being made to think she actually made it home only to have it ripped away again had little to no impact on Gertie. In fact she defiantly told off the Devil and threatened him.

Finally the ultimate punishment for Gertie is determined and she is sent to a Hell version of Fairyland doomed to repeat a loop of her decades spent lost in Fairyland. While this may be torture for her eternal soul, mine is loving every panel of it.

Not all of my love of this book is strictly story based, it has an amazing art team with Young doing the pencils and inks and Jean-Francois Beaulieu once again accompanying with colors.  The vibrant colors really bring the fantasy aspect of the I Hate Fairyland world to life. The cartoonish style so perfectly fits the unbelievable setting and characters.

Another team member who is still on board, and thankfully so, is Nate Piekos of Blambot who brings so much life and emotion to the book with his fonts and effects.  A lot would be lost without his caliber of work. Those that do not believe lettering is an art form should check out Piekos’ work for a shining example as to how they are wrong.

I remain a huge fan of Skottie Young’s work and I Hate Fairyland in particular.  If you want an out of this world, absurdly fun book to read then I highly recommend picking this issue up and even checking out the graphic novels to get the full story.

Story: 4.5
Art: 4.5
Overall Rating: 4.5

(W) Skottie Young (A/CA) Skottie Young

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