Review: Iceman #10

Everybody knows that when you crash a party, you should try to be cool. Then there’s Daken, who is pretty much the embodiment of why we can’t have nice things.Not only does he bring Bobby’s former student to his going away party, but then goes all Apocalypse Seedy and kills Bobby’s new boyfriend. Then things go downhill.

Daken is using Zach’s (Bobby’s former student) power to active the power of the death seed without turning into yet another Apocalypse. The cranked up Daken is expecting to easily take out Bobby. Unfortunately for him, Bobby is much more confident and in control of his powers now. This Iceman is the equal of the boosted up Daken.

In the meantime, Iceman’s other students find Iceman’s boyfriend and discover that he is only mostly dead! Fortunately for Judah, getting punched through the spine, lungs and heart with giant claws covered in mystical metal isn’t as fatal as you might think. Bobby finds out that Judah is alive, so he doubles down on the fight to protect his boyfriend.

I have really enjoyed Sina Grace’s (Self-Obsessed, Not My Bag) Iceman run. It has always seemed like Bobby, especially adult Bobby has been holding back. When the series started we saw how his time-shifted self seems more in control of his ice powers than adult Bobby. Now that he has confronted his insecurities and self-doubts, Bobby has also become more confident and intuitive in using his powers.

We also get to see the results his teaching. His students were at first overwhelmed by the challenges of the rogue Danger Room, but they are able to survive the dangers and then when there powers are restored face them down.

Robert Gill’s (X-O Manowar, Totally Awesome Hulk) art is also great in this issue. I loved the devastated main hall of the mansion. It isn’t often that we see the mansion torn up and damaged by the all the fights in there and here the opening splash page pays off. I also love his take on the battles between the death seeded Daken and Iceman with his clones. It is dynamic and powerful.

Next issue is the last one for this run of Iceman. And despite how this series wraps in that one, it has been an overall success. Iceman has often been the overlooked joker of whatever group he’s in. This series has really given the character a chance to grow into a full person and dealt with a lot of issues that not only gay characters face, but ones that should resonate with all readers.

Writer: Sina Grace
Pencilist: Robert Gills
Inkers: Robert Gills & Ed Tadeo
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover Artist: Kevin Wada

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