REVIEW: Independence Day #3

Welcome… to the Earth of Independence Day. Twenty years ago, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum saved the world from extraterrestrial conquerors hellbent on exterminating all human life. Now, with Independence Day Resurgence coming out in a few months, Titan comics is running this mini-series to connect the dots between the two movies. While Smith’s and Goldblum’s charming characters are absent from this book, this run certainly feels like an extension of this story. This time around we even have battles on the ground, which steps up the intensity quite a bit.

This story takes place the day after the original movie. After decisively winning the air battle and destroying most of the alien spacecraft, one unique ship crash lands on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. A Navy submarine and accompanying team go to investigate the damaged ship as to its capabilities and purpose. Now they have recovered some alien tech and weapons, as well as a cadaver on board for analysis. True to its predecessor, we do start to see some emotional depth in our characters. In the wake of near global extinction, personal feelings begin to surface, fear about the dangers they face and the pains of what they’ve lost. Will duty or emotion motivate their next moves?

Even though this is essential just a piece of advertising and marketing for an upcoming feature film, its holding a pretty solid story. Beyond all of that, I would read this even if the story was garbage. They are giving plenty of back story as to what happened after the main battle we saw at the conclusion of the last movie and the trailer we for the new one. The first issue even had a timeline of the last 20 years. We start to see the foundation of mankind’s preparation and adaptation of alien technology for their own defense.

Victor Gischler, who is known for novels Gun Monkeys and Shotgun Opera and also worked heavily in recent years on X-men, Deadpool, and Punisher titles for Marvel, is concocting a great side story with the, I’m assuming, limited pieces and information he had to pull from. Alex Shibao, a relative newcomer to comic book art as far as I can find, is crafting a modern classic creature with great justice.

All in all, if you loved the original Independence Day movie or plan on watching the upcoming sequel (which should be everybody, right?), I recommend you check this series out. Whether it serves as background info, a connector, or a refresher, everyone can enjoy this mini series.

Writer: Victor Gischler
Artist:  Steve Scott
Publisher: Titan Comics

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