Infamous Iron Man was one of the new MARVEL NOW titles I was actually anxious to read.  I realize the recent decline in new characters in favor of rebooting/recasting of old characters has left a bad taste in many fans/collectors.  Arguably Iron Man has been recast by RiRi as “Iron Heart” and now Victor as “Infamous Iron Man.” So how does this iteration fair?

We begin with a Cabal meeting where Bendis, Maleev and Holingsworth do not shy away from displaying Doom’s power.  Parker Robbins’ (The Hood) prattle gets his dumb ass banished to India.  With these next few pages I must say I prefer Malleev’s depiction of Victor in his armor over seeing him without.  We get a few panels with Victor freeing Director Hill from Diablo’s alchemy and visiting Doctor Amara Perera and we get a nice call back to Tony faking his own death.  It feels a bit strange referencing CWII ramifications when the main title has yet to end, but suffice to say it appears Stark is quite possibly dead.  The nod to his fake death does leave the door open.

screenshot_223 screenshot_224 screenshot_225

Overall I think this a solid start.  The creative team shows Victor as both traditional super-villain and altruistic hero.  The depiction are both believable and questionable, which is what I wanted to see in the title.  I cannot conclude without complimenting Matt Hollingsworth on colors.  The colors add to the tone perfectly and compliment Doom’s arrogance and mystical power.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Alex Maleev, Matt Hollingsworth
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 19, 2016

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