REVIEW: Inferno Resurrection #2

Let’s judge this book by its cover…. Sexy lady kicking ass… YES PLEASE. This cover is sexy and not in a sleazy way in an awesome badass way. Stunning art here with great colours and very cool scene.

Meet Mercy, Hells latest reject, she wasn’t too good at the whole being in hell thing so Lucifer sent her back to round-up all the souls that have escaped…. I remember a TV show like this called Brimstone, God I’m old. Anyhoo back to the book. Mercy is damn good at her job but she’s still got a softer side so when a young girl asks for her help to save her boyfriend Mercy agrees even if it means missing her date. Action and ass kicking ensues. This book was made for me it checks all my boxes… Strong female lead.. Check. Great fight scenes.. Check. Cool supernatural elements.. Check. Beautiful art and an interesting story.. Double check. Top it all off with being a nice compact 5 issue run and you have a winner. Great introduction to Zenescope as I’ve not read any of their work until now but I’ll be sure to check out more if this is any indication of the quality of their title.

4 stars of actiony goodness.

Inferno Resurrection #2
Written by Ralph Tedesco
Art by Antonio Bigulco
Inks by Jacob Bear
Colours Erick Arciniega
Published by Zenescope
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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