Review: Infinite Dark #1

Well, it’s the end of the universe as we know it and no one is feeling fine. Ryan Cady has really done something impressive. He’s started out with a completely hopeless situation and found a way to make it even worse.

Cady, a long time editor at Image, who has written short runs on a number of titles in the Top Cow imprint like Aphrodite IX, Warframe, and Magdalena, has a really interesting idea. The universe has died. The only thing to survive the death of the universe is the void ship, the Orpheus. The ship has a crew of 2,000 people. It has room for 13,000 more but none of the human civilizations that remained could manage to make it to the void ship in time (or in space, since they were both dying together).

The only thing holding the crew together are the mandatory bi-weekly therapy sessions with the ship’s AI. Security Director Deva Karrel, one of the four leaders of the last of humanity in the void, has her session interrupted when it is discovered that one of the other three directors has kidnapped someone and hidden in the abandoned neighborhoods built for people who never made it to the station. Has he really been contacted by something in the void or has he gone crazy? Is his fate one that will be shared by the small remnant of humanity?

All of this setup has been packed into a single issue and done in a compelling way that will make you want to come back for more.

The story is enough to hook you, but the sumptuous art of Andrea Mutti (Rebels, Port of Earth, Swashbucklers: The Saga Continues) will reel you in. His art really delivers on the idea of isolation and decay, even in this newly built environment. I love how, with simple twists of lines on faces, Mutti delivers complex emotions of all the characters, not just the ones in the foreground.

This is a book that definitely deserves a look at. It sets up the premise and danger right away. There may be something on the ship filled with guilt-wracked survivors and there is literally no place for them to go, because the ship is the last thing left in existence. Neither of these creators are big names in the industry, but after reading this book you may wonder why.

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Writer: Ryan Cady
Artist: Andrea Mutti
Colors: K. Michael Russell
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Publisher: Image Comics