Review: Injustice 2 #19


This time, it’s personal. our heroes are set on breaking the Titans out of the Phantom Zone. They send Plastic Man into the zone, only holding his arm so he won’t get lost. At first he has trouble adjusting his eye’s and then he discovers that he’s surrounded by hovering chunks of rocks and he comes across several of the prisoners huddled on a rock. He finally winds up asking directions from a villain, Imperiex, that at one time attempted to destroy the universe and re-make it in his own image.

The Creative Team:

Tom Taylor has a winner on his hands as he shows our protagonists going to great lengths to rescue their fellow heroes from a fate worse than death. Plastic Man, as always, provides some comic relief as his search leads him to some long forgotten DC villains. A humorous moment has him asking directions to which floating rock the Titans are on. However things don’t go all that smoothly as the Titans have to leave one of their own behind. Sacrifices are made and the rest of the Titans promise their injured comrade that they will be back for him. Taylor knows how to project a sense of apprehension and the reunion of Batman and Tim Drake is a poignant one. All in all great stuff includes a journey to the Fortress of Solitude where we see Robotic Supermen defending their own and Batman tracking General Zod. A very satisfying chapter in this unique sage.

Daniel Sampere brings his artistic chops to the forefront and holds nothing back in his depictions of this awesome team, or, actually, teams. The action builds on every page as the heroes do battle with Zod and his minions. The fight progresses as our heroes take on someone with Superman’s strength without Superman himself at their side. The battle scenes are nicely rendered and quick paced which make this an easy, but necessary read.

In Conclusion:

This issue shows us heroes determined to assist their own in the face of Zod’s tyrannical obsessions. There are bittersweet reunions as the Titans discover that they’ve been in the Phantom Zone for many years. There is a feeling of helplessness in this story as Zod seems to have the upper hand throughout, however, the way Batman takes on Zod is a nice twist as he…to be continued. ***1/2 (8.7 rating)

Writer – Tom Taylor
Art – Daniel Sampere
Colors – Rex Lokus
Letters – Wes Abbot
Publisher – DC Comics

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