REVIEW: Injustice 2 #9

We find ourselves at Kord Industries where The Blue Beetle seems to be taking on some hostiles. BANG and the room is filled with smoke, he can’t see anything, then BAM he’s hit!!! Thank goodness this is only a simulation for training and not a real battle because he totally would have been blown up!

We have Ted Kord the original Blue Beetle training the new Blue Beetle Jamie. But this kid is rough around the edges, his ability to concentrate and use the suit isn’t right yet, he needs more time to learn, time he doesn’t have so he must learn quickly. Ted send Skeets the flying knows it all alien (and when I say know it all I mean he knows everything not just being a smart ass) to walk home hit Jamie and make sure he gets there safe. As they leave and the lights go out in the training room a voice in the darkness calls out “TED KORD”. I bet you can never guess who it was??

Ted laughs and tells Bruce off for coming as Batman after all they know each other years, why can he just make an appointment like everyone else or even go for a coffee?

When Batman tells Ted, he is here to ask for his help it shocks him a little. Batman wants to rebuild the community after everything that has happened with Superman. The city needs to be rebuilt, the people need to find trust and hope and he wants Ted to be part of that. He asks him to go to a meeting the following day and Ted accepts. This could be the start of something bigger then both of them.

When Batman leaves another old friend appears, Booster. Unfortunately, Boosters visit isn’t a productive or happy one like Batman’s. He wanted to tell Ted that he will be with him at the end. Not knowing the end was so near Ted begins to doubt what to do, but Booster knows. Put on the suit, remember who you were and know it doesn’t fit like it used to. Then with a hug and the knowledge that people are coming Booster disappears.

In that moment the 3 hostiles arrive, he knows them all and doesn’t want to fight them but he is left no choice. He attacks with all he has, but that isn’t good enough and he is taken. He loses something important in the struggle and he doesn’t know why it’s all happening.

But he will soon find out that this is much bigger than he is.

This is most a fan pleaser. If you know the story arc you will totally want to read this and find out more. Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Written by Tom Taylor
Pencils Bruno Redondo
Inks Vicente Cifuentes
Colored by  Rex Lokus
Cover by Juan Albarran,  Bruno Redondo, Alejandro Sanchez
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