REVIEW: Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four – Chapter 8

WRITER: Brian Buccellato
ARTIST(s): Mike S. Miller
LETTERER: Wes Abbott
COVER ARTIST(s): Yildiray Cinar, Rex Lokus
RELEASE DATE: 06/23/2015

Two things are very apparent in this week’s chapter of Injustice Year Four: Harley Quinn has become the most annoying character ever, and it’s incredibly satisfying to see this version of Superman bloody and beaten.

Like most other chapters of Injustice, this issue felt short. Perhaps it’s the pacing, or the low amount of panels per page, but I constantly find myself at the end of an issue feeling like I just read a third of a full-length comic. That being said, I do like Buccellato’s writing, so I’m going to hold back on that complaint. Honestly, the only complaint I have for this chapter is the afore-mentioned writing of Harley Quinn. All of her lines are forced bad jokes that just get in the way of the story. Everything else this issue was well-written, including both Lex and Clark’s discussion on limits and Diana and Clark’s battle banter. Speaking of, it’s nice to finally see Superman and Wonder Woman fight to the death. Sure, Superman’s got speed, strength, and more powers to give him an advantage, but Wonder Woman is like Batman; she’s a fighter. She knows how to play dirty when going up against the Man of Steel, who, even in ruthless deathmatches, fights rather cleanly.

The art wasn’t half bad this issue. It wasn’t particularly filling, but along with the coloring, it actually felt like a pretty solid continuation of this story. Each character was well defined, and Miller’s art really captured Zeus’s powerful essence in the few short panels he appeared. I can’t help but feel bad for Miller, having to draw in this giant crowd all around the two fighters, but it’s nice to see he didn’t cop out and draw them all with blank faces, instead incorporating real expression into members of the Insurgency, the Amazon army, and even the Regime.

All in all, this issue was a pretty solid development in this year of Injustice. I look forward to seeing how this death battle ends up, and even though I know eventually Batman will lose, it’s still nice to see him reaching out to literal gods for aid in his everlasting war against the evil Man of Steel.


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