REVIEW: Injustice Ground Zero Chapter 14

With the holiday season over its time to get back to what’s truly important…. COMICS!

Injustice Ground Zero tells the story of the Injustice video game as told by Harley Quinn. After everything that has happened in the last five years all building to the video game storyline it’s time we find out exactly what happened and who better then to tell us the tale then the woman who helped to start it all with the joker.

Time for a super quick recap of years 1-5…

The Joker and Harley Quinn poisoned Superman with a mixture of Kryptonite and the scarecrow fear toxin and set him lose on Doomsday, as Superman flew Doomsday into space the toxin wore off and he discovered that it was actually Lois Lane and not Doomsday, Lois and his unborn child died and as her heart stopped a trigger to a nuclear bomb in metropolis was detonated and metropolis was lost along with countless lives. Superman full of rage killed the joker and essentially took over the world to make it a peaceful, war free place. Batman has been trying for years to stop him but has only managed to anger Superman further. Now Batman’s only hope is to bring the JLA from an alternate universe to help stop the dictator of steel. Ground Zero has seen Harley Quinn talking to an unknown person in a park and explaining the whole story of the game. Injustice has been one of my favourite books each month ever since year one, I’m so glad they continued the story into the Game and with the impending release of the second game this title looks to be leading into that and beyond.

The art has changed over the years somethings for the better sometimes not but the story has never slowed. This title has had some lovely art with great fight panels to compliment the story. Fans of the game should be reading this and going back to read years 1-5. This title for me has been as strong as the previous years so it gets a full five stars.

Injustice ground zero chapter 14
Let’s have a War Pt. 2
Written by Christopher Sebela
Art by Pop Mhan
Letters by Wes Abbott
Colours by Mark Roberts
Published by DC Comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

Do you agree with my review or think I couldn’t be more wrong? Comment below or find me all over the interwebs @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book or if you have any titles you think I might love or hate.

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