(W) Marguerite Bennett (A/CA) Ariela Kristantina

Issue 2 of this tale of how people change for love, from Aftershock Comics, hits the racks this week.  After a very visual first issue, the story of Lady Bertram and her lover Mariah, continues.

Following the birth of their son, Lord Bertram is still missing.  The only two people who know where he is aren’t too concerned.  In fact, they have more pressing maters to worry about; the attentions of Colonel Fitzgerald towards Lady Bertram for one and how she handles them being the other.

Marguerite Bennett writes a compelling Lovecraftian story, full of passion and filled with believable characters form the two leading ladies to the people who may seem like throwaway characters.  Still the repercussions of actions taken by the cast  are felt throughout the book.  Bennett’s writing on this book is miles ahead of her other work.  This may be due to the fact that this is HER book along with working without a net, unlike her work for other publishers.insexts2

The art by Ariela Kristantina is sublime.  The line work is clean (although some of the images may not be), with a caricature style that shows women as curvaceous and characters such as the Colonel’s extreme rotund-ness.  Kristantina’s faces may seem a tad cartoony, but that just adds to the fun of the book, lighting some of the darker moments.  Bryan Valenza provides the colors, matching Bennett and Kristantina emotion for emotion, action for action.

Aftershock are putting together an impressive line-up for the start of their comic building empire.  By allowing creative freedom, they have attracted writers such as Bennett and in turn this gives her space to excel and tell the stories that she wants to tell.   Critics will no doubt mention that “sex sells” and to a point I can understand that viewpoint.  But as mentioned in the previous issues review, the relationship in this story is as real as any relationship in any other book, the sex element being in part, is just a by-product.  However, with the fantastic script, glorious artwork and sumptuous colors, there is hardly anything about this book I dislike.

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