REVIEW: Insufferable: On the Road #1

Insufferable:On the Road #1
Written and drawn by Mark Waid & Peter Krause
Colours by Nolan Woodard
Letters by Troy Peteri
Editor Michael Benedetto
Published by IDW
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics (D.o.C.)

Let’s judge this book by its cover… A nice use of shadow to minimize need for detail, your eye focuses on the skull shaped setting sun and not much else,the silhouette of the masked man doesn’t add anything. it’s still actually a very nicely done cover. The variant is far superior with its comedic take in Batman and Robin.


When the father and son team of Nocturnus and Galahad (the protectors of St. Barrington) get into a heated disagreement Galahad revels his identity to the world, in doing so also reveals his father’s identity and their crime fighting days are over. Choosing to go into hiding Nocturnus leaves his home, while accepting the limelight and fame Galahad becomes the biggest sponsored celebrity since Booster Gold. Life is great for Galahad until someone steals his fortune and leaves him a laughing-stock. Now once again teaming up with his father, Galahad must track down the thief and reclaim his fortune and his pride and if there’s any time left he might just help his father solve a murder.

This is actually a rather fun read, it’s very much what I was expecting to see happen to Batman after Forever Evil when Grayson was unmasked. There are a lot of pages that are the same panel with different dialogue but then if you can get away with it why not, it is a lot though, like A LOT of sameness. The art overall is really good, the attention to detail in the backgrounds show an artist that cares, because of this I’m willing to overlook the repetition of pages. The story is ok, it’s nothing special but then it’s just the first issue, once it gets going I’m sure it’ll pick up. At the moment Galahad is so unlikable I don’t actually want him to get his money back. This book knows what it is, it’s a satire of Batman and Robin with a little Booster Gold thrown in for laughs and I’m ok with that, it works for what it is.

Amazing art and a great concept that is just a little under whelming with room for improvement. A strong 3 stars.

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