REVIEW: Intersect #1

Story: Ray Fawkes
Art: Ray Fawkes
Letters: Ray Fawkes
Colors: Ray Fawkes
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: November 19, 2014

Ray Fawkes new avant-garde horror story reads a lot like a stream-of-consciousness piece, somewhat like Finnegan’s Wake with pictures.

From beginning to end, there’s almost no real clue as to plot, other than that many, many things seem to be converging, often in gruesome ways. Also, there are hints that many people can inhabit one body and that each “personality” has a different view of how to handle the growing world crisis. One thing is evident, the two “main” characters are being pursued, determinedly, by something very, very sinister.

The art has a dreamy quality; few colors, mostly as outlines, that give the impression of a world out of focus. That approach, combined with the unconventional storytelling makes the book extremely hard to follow. My suspicion as regards the technique is that Fawkes is giving us as readers the same view of Intersect that his characters have, without any grounding medium. The fact that there aren’t any panels and each scene more or less bleeds into the next, leads me to believe that that is exactly what’s going on. Again, it’s effective in it’s purpose but may put more than few readers off of the book all together.

In spite of the book’s unorthodox feel, I’m inclined to keep reading this series, if only to get a better idea of just what the hell is happening. I’d recommend this to those more into experimental fiction than traditional comics; hardcore fanboys may find this horror story a little hard to swallow.

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