REVIEW: Invader Zim #3

Invader Zim #3
Created by Jhonen Vasquez
Words by Eric Trueheart
Pencils by Aaron Alexovich
Inks by Megan Lawton
Letters by Warren Wucinich

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Far too cute. Alien and robot about to be stomped by a giant hoof. The alien eyes are adorable. Very minimalist and simple. But match the art and story inside.

The facts are these… Zim and Dib are enemies. Dib chased Zim to another planet and Zim embarrassed Dib. Pretty easy to follow.

Now if you’re sitting comfortably we can begin… On the planet Horkus 6 Zim and Gir (his cute little robot servant) have found cave marking about a cosmic entity known as THE SPACE DONKEY and plan to summon it to Earth to kick all humans off (especially Dib). Dib is busy hunting Bigfeets, a creature that posts none stop selfies online when the news shows a rather smug Zim showing off his latest art installation. It doesn’t take Dib long to figure out what Zim is up to and sets out to stop him at the museum of natural history museum (that’s not a typo). Dib confronts Zim and is banished to the art haters closest where anyone who doesn’t see Zims “genius” must stay forever, Dib is the only occupant so far. Guarded by Gir Dib devises a brilliant plan to escape by telling Gir to guard a pen instead. Once free Dib finds the final piece to the interdimensional portal and try’s to keep it from Zim, unfortunately he runs into Zims deadly robot snobs that capture him and take him to Zim. With the final piece in place Zim summons THE SPACE DONKEY and commands it to kick all humans off of Earth (especially Dib). Maybe THE SPACE DONKEY didn’t hear him correctly or maybe THE SPACE DONKEY is just an ass (see what I did there) but it kicks the whole planet into the sun.

It’s all fun and games until a giant cosmic entity destroys the earth. It’s a very entertaining little book. It’s kid friendly but adults will enjoy reading it too. This would be a fun book to read to your little ones to get them into comics.

The Good, the Bad and the Star rating…
The Good – Funny and cute. The art is adorable and the writing is a hoot.
The Bad – Some of the pages are a little too busy. Younger readers might get a little disheveled.
The Stars – Fun and colourful and would make a great first book for younger readers. It’s easily a 4 star book.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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