REVIEW: Invader Zim #6

(W/CA) KC Green
(A) KC Green with Savanna Ganucheau
Published by Oni Press

When this show first came out I didn’t think too much of it.  In fact I didn’t watch it till a few years later because I thought it was just for kids.  Boy I was wrong!  It was made for kids but was one of the first cartoons produced that was bother for kids to watch and adults to enjoy as well.  The comic creates the same experience.  I have read each one and the Local Comic Shop Day version Found at Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham MA (Shameless Plug) PS (also you can order it from us through our eBay site Avengingcomics).  Each issue of this book has some overall storylines but certainly can be read as standalone as well.  It’s good for a book like this to do that because this type of thing happens every now and again and you get full stories like back in the day of Silver age (see our upcoming section for reviews on those).  Boy am I full of shameful plugs today!

Ok back to Zim, I give this a 5/5 because it does what a comic should.  It has a start, middle and end and through it makes you laugh and remember what this show was all about.  Craziness!!

All Hail the Mighty Ribthulu!!

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