REVIEW: Invisible Republic #12

Well this is a surprise. Every now and again a Sci-Fi comic will pop up and it will be crap. They either try so hard to out Sci-Fi all other Sci-Fi or out wank Grant Morrison. This though is all about the story and it keeps the Sci-Fi firmly under control.

I could tell what was going on scene for scene, but even a re-read didn’t really reveal the over arching story, but I knew there was one there and the fact I read it twice, even getting past the amputation bit meant I was interested. There IS a recap, but it’s a lot to take in and not very concise, but at least it’s there!

The art is all about texture and composition, there are times it looks like they use collage and while now and a again it gets a bit muddy, I’m not entirely sure it’s not just a cunning ploy to get you to re-read the comic and it works.

The characters are real, the settings feel genuine and the underlying structure is a good one to build a story on.

The whole thing just works, it’s a joy to swim about in this universe.

By Corrina Bechko and Gabrial Hardman, published by Image

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