REVIEW: Invisible Republic #9

Written by Gabriel Hardman & Corrina Bechko, art by Gabriel Hardman, published by Image

I know this is a good comic, it seeped through my painkiller saturated brain and I could feel the atmosphere of this bleak far-flung future under a fascist rule and a young freedom fighter trying to find her place in it, by blowing shit up.

The characters have purpose but the dramatic effect is dialed back to allow the characters circumstance’s to convey the urgency of the situation in the dystopian setting. It was also a blessed relief not to read an entire diatribe in every word panel. The story is quite complicated but there’s just enough to follow the gist and praise be the re-cap!

Gabriel Hardman’s pencils also contribute to the storytelling through strong facial expressions and knowing how page composition works. As he’s covering both art and half the writing he’s developed a fine balancing act between the two. The inking has a Vertigo feel you don’t often see in sci-fi comics, and this puts the emphasis on the story rather than the setting.

There’s also an appendix all about different aspects of this universe, it’s a good idea and actually contributes details that don’t need to be in the story but make the setting a bit more thought out.

Definitely one to read as a trade though, as a monthly release you’d be struggling to re-plumb the depths of what is quite a good comic.

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