REVIEW: IV Armageddon #51

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This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you IV Armageddon # 51 by Alan Cole and Timothy G. Reaper with art by Luis Palacios. Published by Graphic Illusions Comics.

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To eliminate confusion – this is the first issue of a 51 part run, issue # 2 will be listed as 50 and further on until issue 1 being the last issue.

The story is based on the etymology The Book of Revelations, introducing Trinity’s light and The Four Horsemen in a battle that ends the world. The story starts with Death being restrained by Lucifer, Commander of the Trinity’s Third Ray and Abaddon, Commander of the Trinity’s Seventh Ray. As Lucifer has been exiled by the archangel Raphael, what happens to Lucifer’s son Cartagena? Is Lucifer’s ally Abaddon to be trusted?

For how long will Death be restrained?

The art in this book is outstanding, the layouts and the detail are beautiful to look at. The cover is also amazing. However, the story is a bit too ambitious and the pacing is a hard to follow. Especially since I am not familiar with The Book of Revelations, I am struggling to follow the contents of the story and the characters. In its defense, the opening page does have a brief introduction of the characters. I don’t think one issue could explain what’s going on, hopefully the next issue moving forward will enlighten the readers.

The numbering structure is original. The art is amazing and worth a look – personally, I’d wait for more issues before you start reading.

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