REVIEW: Jack the Ripper

Created by these guys:

Writer: Francois Debois
Artist: Jean-Charles Poupard
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Stunning art work:

image image

Jack the Ripper

Let’s judge this book by its cover… A beautiful foggy London street, the detail is gorgeous. It’s almost painted canvas look makes it look dark and menacing.

So we all know the story… Or A story of Jack the Ripper, for over a hundred years this killers identity has been a mystery with far too many theories of who he really was. This book takes you back to Victorian London to follow not only the police trying to catch this sadistic killer but the man himself as he kills without remorse.

The art is absolutely stunning, some of the panels are simply breath-taking, the attention to detail in each panel shows the time taken to produce each page. The story is interesting, you find yourself getting caught up in a story you thought you know. A great take on the infamous Jack.

This one gets 4 stars easy.

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