Poor Jessica, she never seems to get a break.  After faking a fall from grace, she is now alienated from the super hero community and even her own husband Luke Cage.

We find Jessica in the police station (as usual) after one of her clients was murdered. The murderer is her husband. A man who believes he is from another dimension. And surprise surprise he will only speak to Jessica.

Jess agrees to talk to him but this is not the best idea she has. It turns out this man has a lot of theories on the multiverse and is not afraid to talk about it. Is he mad or does he actually know? Is he just trying to bait our Jessica and see what he can get from her.

He tells Jessica he knows who she is, he seen the video of her husband Luke  “Having a Tantrum” (typical Luke). Seeing this video, he show’s his wife since it was take where he worked, that’s when his wife told him she hired Jessica to investigate him and that’s when he killed her.

Boom Jessica has her confession and thinks she is done but lo and behold this mad man explains to her that it doesn’t matter since he is not from this place and what difference will it make?

Jump forward we find Luke Cage outside the daily bugle ready to go inside and kick some ass as they were the ones who publishing the video of his little outburst.  Ben Urich sees him and tries to calm him down. He knows that all the media want is more gossip on Luke and if he goes in to the bugle he will just fuel them even more.  This makes Luke think and calm himself.  Ben asked if Jessica is style in jail and how is their baby. Luke tells him she’s out but he doesn’t know where this child is. This is really what has Luke on edge.

Back to Jessica, she is struggling and this madman is not helping. She knows what he is saying is true, she has seen the horrors she knows how it works. Leaving the police station she is not happy, she gets back to her office thinking about everything that has just happened. Then lo and behold she gets summoned by “Alison”. She wants to hire her for a special job. She wants her to do what her never would have before. She wants her to target CAPTAIN MARVEL   !!!!!

Jessica take the case…because what difference will it make??????

This is a fantastic series. Working with emotional and physical troubles. Mental health is a big thing with the Jessica Jones franchise and they do it with grace, compassion, and information. Rate 5/5

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Michael Gaydos
Cover Artist: David Mack

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