REVIEW: Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal #4 (of 12)

If like me you a child of the 1980’s The Dark Crystal was a staple movie in your home, and just like the passage of time in our world the same has happened in their one too.

Jen and Kira have ages, they have lived in the tower and tried to protect the Dark Crystal but it has once again shattered and a piece of it is gone. All the favourite characters are still present but we are introduced to two new ones. Thurma a fire element and Kensho a gelfling just like Jen and Kira.

They are both on their way to find an ancient site that will help restore Thurma’s people. But there is a prophecy that neither are aware of and because of this prophecy they are in great danger. Thurma has tried to explain to Kensho how the gelfling have changed, they have become mean, bullies even and this is not the way they use to be and maybe this is why the crystal has broken now.

The two travellers and the Tumbeloth head deep into the woods, Thurma is looking for the road taken into this land but cannot find it, maybe because when Thurma first entered this world it was as a ball of fire and now the flames are dwindling and this is causing confusion. Kensho is still not sure if what is happening is the right thing to do but they go ahead and try anyway. Soon they come across Thurma’s original path and to Kensho’s horror it is all burned up. This is not right this is not the act of good, but Thurma speaks and apologising but know that this is the right path to be on.

We find the elders putting the vile lords of the crystal in prison, taking away the garthim, their object of power, this does not make for an easy situation. They have sent out scouts to find the shard of crystal. But this does not sit well with Elder Jen. Aughra the seer needs to speak with Jen about the prophecy, he knows of its importance and he know something must be done.

This leads to many different things, Thurma and Kensho are being tracked and are in danger, the Dreamers are not helping or are they and Jen must leave the castle for one last journey but is he still one of the good ones?

I loved every second of this book, it brought back so many memories that I must watch the movie again soon. The writing and the imagery is true to the original and reading it you will see it play out like a movie in your head. I can’t wait to read more of this series. 5 out of 5.

(W) Simon Spurrier (A) Nichole Matthews, Kelly Matthews (CA) Sana Takeda

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