REVIEW: Job Dun Fat Assassin: 2015 Sticky Edition

G’Day Comic Fans,

This Dodgy86 back into the mix bringing you Job Dun Fat Assassin the 2015 Sticky Edition by Mark Hobby with art by Tom Bonin, Lancelot Catan, Dave Bus, Kev Harper, Joe Palmer and Bolt-01. Courtesy of Oz Comic Con 2015.

Job Dun is Back! This is not a continuum from the first book, this is more of a stand-in book broken into a series of tales of our fat rotund enforcer with the narrative of Mark Hobby and a series of different artist per story. We are also introduced to a new sidekick named Guts. Remember this book is for mature readers!

The year is 2114; In the first story we see Dun the assassin for hire, his assignment is to take out the head of The People’s Republic of Glinka. Along with his overseer who is a lady with a fox head (no, not foxy an actual Red Fox), they are welcomed with opened arms by Constant Comrade Glinka (the head of The People’s Republic of Glinka) who is a happy go luck hippy who sings a lot accompanied by an army (who look similar to communists) armed with weaponry from the period. The goal is not to rescue the suppressed people of Glinka, but the living foul-mouthed serpent-like parasitical fellow named Guts who is enslaved in the back of Comrade Glinka’s neck (amazing what money can do!). Do things go to plan in the rescue and to what consequences? I feel the relationship between Dun and Guts somewhat resembles the odd-couple and their foul mouth dialogue between the two sounds like something from a Tarrantino movie.


The second story takes place in a XXX Store where Dun now works, he is accompanied by Guts (this time he has arms and looks more like Slimer from The Real Ghost Busters) and then hell breaks loose when the Store is raided by two hot assassins with talking guns (okay this is getting weird!), the one named Skuds decides he’s tired of killing people without his control. This is the cue for Dun and Guts to take the upper hand!

The third story starts reintroducing the robotic gladiator from the first issue (who has a wrecking ball attached to his arm), seeking revenge from Dun because he got shot in the face. The truth is he’s an actor by the name of Byron Guzling, therefore his menacing appearance in the first issue was him getting into character for his upcoming movie role. Since being shot in the face Guzling’s career has taken a turn as he cannot get any movie roles since the incident. This time Dun is armed with Skuds the talking high-powered gun and what will the result be?

The final book is different as it involves Dun’s relationship with a synthetic woman named Sinna-Bun Rose, beyond the data, circuitry and lease arrangements he feels something from within his heart for this woman.

The flow of the first and second story was rather confusing primarily because the credits of the second story appear at the end rather in the beginning. Mark Hobby’s twisted narrative will keep you re-reading to apprehend the message he’s making, keeps the story original and interesting whilst the dialogue is easy to follow. By having four different stories with four different artists given freedom to tell these stories by developing and extending Jobs’s character as well as introducing supporting characters. The fourth and final story is in my opinion the most serious (with less potty-humour) from the two books by showing more of a sensitive side of the title character, it was a great closure of his book.

There is a lot crammed into this book and it is a lot of fun, do ya’self a favour and check it out!

This is not yet available on Comixology email Mark Hobby at [email protected] or facebook/jobdun

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