REVIEW: Job Dun, Fat Assassin #1

G’Day guys,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you another local Australian comic review of Job Dun, Fat Assassin # 1 by Mark Hobby with art by Ben Michael Byrne and Noelle Criminova, published by Under Belly Comics.

First of all, allow me to introduce Job Dun…

1) Noun; work, labour, occupation (legal or otherwise).
2) Old testament guy. Suffered without whining, Hebrew for ‘hated’.
3) Suffix; attached to acts and parts to create added value (Head, Hands, Blow)
4) Slang; To do a job on – F#*king someone up so badly they piss blood; a con.
5) A piece of work!

1) Slang; for ‘Done’, i.e. when a task is complete
2) ADJ; dark, somber.
3) ADJ; Too trashed to do anything, I’m dun!
4) Noun; Persistent F#*ker hired to reclaim a debt.

Now that you are better acquainted, Dun is not quite the Assassin we’re used to… He likes strip joints and he’s sleazy, yes he is overweight, he’s crude, his T-shirt is a little tight, on the plus side he does have a computer in his brain and Yes that bit is true! That’s because this is a science fiction tale, including bar fights, until Dun confronts a dame who catches his heart, Lady Octavia, and agrees on a mission for her. Does he regret it?

Dun is crude, ideal for mature readers and has the appeal of Heavy Metal or early work in 2000 AD. This book also has loads of bodacious synthetic broads and cool gadgets that Dun gets to play with. This book is a fun read a majority of the story is carried by the monologue which is original and intelligent, Hobby’s choice of words are almost poetic.

Honestly I had no expectations of this book, I’m actually glad I picked it up. Check it out at Comixology,  do ya’self a favour and check it out!



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