REVIEW: Joe Frankenstein #1

Story: Graham Nolan/Chuck Dixon
Art: Graham Nolan
Colors: Gregory Wright
Letters: Chris Mowry
Publisher: IDW
Release Date: 2/25/2015

This week, IDW releases Joe Frankenstein #1 from the creative team of Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon. The opening issue of this four part series tells the story of of Joe Pratt, a young pizza delivery boy who is in for a rough night. Joe delivers a pizza to a house full of beautiful women who are extra anxious for his arrival. Upon entering the home to drop off the pizza, he learns that not everything is what it seems. Things quickly go south for Joe until a hooded stranger kicks in the door and saves Joe from his female attackers. The stranger advises Joe they have a connection and some may even consider them related. The stranger tells Joe his real name is Joe Frankenstein, and removes his hood to reveal he is Frankenstein’s monster. The remainder of the issue is spent fleshing out the Joe’s real lineage and his relationship to the monster. We are also introduced to a mysterious woman mentioned only as “The Mistress”.She has been made aware of the attack by Frankenstein’s monster and sets in motion plans to track down Joe and the monster.

Joe Frank Joe Frank 3

There have been no shortage of stories over the years involving Frankenstein’s monster. This particular story puts a nice spin on things by portraying the monster not as the scary bad guy, but as the protector of the Frankenstein bloodline throughout the years. The story Nolan & Dixon have presented here is simple and a quick read, and the art fits right along with it. The colors for this series are being provided by Gregory Wright, and his contributions add some depth to a simple art style. If this story performs well, I can see it turning from a limited series to a monthly ongoing. Best of luck to the creative team.

Final Verdict: This is not the most in depth story I have ever read, but this first issue was a fun read, and has earned my attention throughout the remaining issues. It is accessible to readers of all ages, and i recommend you give it a try.

Joe Frank 2

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