REVIEW: Joe Golem Occult Detective: The Rat Catcher #2 (of 3)

Writer: Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden Artist: Patric Reynolds

The second issue of this Dark Horse series sees Joe confront demons from the present and the past.

In order to save Patrick, Joe battles the Rat Catcher in the murky depths of the city.  As this is the second issue of three part series, the outcome is not in doubt.  But the after effects of the fight gives us another chance to see Joe’s previous life.

Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden’s book may seem familiar to some; the fact that this is not part of the Mignola-joe2verse gives both writers a certain creative freedom.  This then allows for the quieter moments in the story between Joe and Lori which for me was the highlight of the books, just ahead of the debate between Joe and Dr Church.

The art is by Patric Reynolds who puts in a fantastic shift.  The line work is grimy, suiting a semi-submerged city.  Bearing mind the various situations Reynolds has to contend with, underwater fights, past battles and the differing relationship elements Reynolds get to display a full quota of skills.  Of course, this being a Dark Horse and Mignola book, colorist Dave Stewart is on hand to complete the fine work started by Reynolds.

I sometimes worry that regular readers may get bored with me extolling the virtues of Mike Mignola and the various collaborations that make up the body of his Dark Horse work.  The truth is, recently, I have been getting a little tired of certain books, but the fact that there seems no or very little continuity to think about, means that the book is more accessible.

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