REVIEW: John Carter Warlord of Mars #4

Writer: Ron Marz
Art: Abhishek Malsuni
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Date: Feb 2015
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
ON SALE DATE: February 25

Ron Marz, many years ago used to soar the solar sky with the Silver Surfer, so it is a bit of a surprise to find chapter 4 starting in the American Civil war.  From this point we meet John’s earthly arch nemesis and an outcome that practically screams “You Idiot, that is so going to come back and bite you!”

From there we shift our focus to Mars and Dejah Thoris, wife of John and current prisoner, slated to be put to death.

This is is clearly a transition issue.  The previous issues exploits aren’t really spoken about, so the reader just has to accept Dejah’s predicament.

As the story is the middle piece, the pace is clearly moving pieces towards its conclusion.  The art by, Abishek Malsuni is fantastic in places, the double page Civil War spread is a big feature, but is let down by some of the poses of the heroine. Before I go on, let me state for the record, I like voluptuous women. I remember John Buscema’s Conan work. There is pressure to minimise overt sexual images in comic books  and unfortunately this book falls into this category.  I can see that the idea of  a Princess Leia type character is appealing, however there has to be a story to hang on her other than the gold bikini.

Overall, as transition issues goes, it does what it sets out to do, moving everyone to the their allocated places ready for the conclusion. If you are a fan of Mr Carter and Co, you’ll enjoy his continuing adventure.

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