REVIEW: John Carter: Warlord of Mars #8

John Carter: Warlord of Mars #8
Ron Marz, Ian Edgington (w) 
Ariel Medel (a)
Ed Benes, Bart Sears, Emanuela Lupacchino (c)
Dynamite Entertainment (Pub)

Behind another excellent Ed Benes cover lies a somewhat unremarkable issue.  Now, I have been spending quite a bit of time with Dejah Thoris due to her involvement in Swords of Sorrow, so I was somewhat pleased to get to see her in her natural arena.

The issue starts out with Dejah and John checking out the Mars wilderness in search of an answer to the Mars atmosphere problem, when they come across a destroyed house and are soon whisked away on the promise of aid to rid the local town of a murderous monster.  And that’s about it, for the first part of the story.

Writers Ron Marz and Ian Edginton fulfil the obligation of a first chapter; introduce heroes, check; introduce innocents, check; introduce murderous monster, check.  There isn’t much more I can say here about the story, it’s all pretty standard fare.

The art is by Ariel Medel is as standard fare as the writing.  This is the kind of the book that doesn’t serve to inspire me to read the remaining parts of the story.  At it’s best the art is functional.  At it’s worst, the book is a startling mess of contradictions.  There are at least two occasions where clothes magically appear on both Dejah and John in the middle of a fight.

This pretty much sums up the book. Despite the best intentions of all involved, the best thing about the book is the Ed Benes cover, at least on the variant I reviewed.  It’s a shame then, as I have grown quite fond of the Dynamite heroines,  that this book left me more than a little disappointed.  Hopefully this is blip rather than then norm, but on the current showing, I am not sure I am that interested in checking next month to find out.

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