REVIEW: John Flood #1

STORY BY Justin Jordan
ART BY Jorge Coelho
COLORS BY Tamra Bonvillain
LETTERS BY Ed Dukeshire
COVER BY Jorge Coelho, Rob Guillory, Nick Pitarra, [more…]
RELEASE DATE Aug 5th, 2015

It’s always a tad interesting when the lead character of a book, starts off in handcuffs. It’s kind of like Columbo in reverse.

As John Flood explains, someone (or someone’s) has messed with his head, removing the need to sleep. This creates its own set of benefits, imaginejohnflood being to watch all of Orange is the New Black in a couple of days and of course there are the side effects. Meaning that whilst Flood can see the gaps between things that connect the things that others may not see but the price is more than an unnerving grasp of real and unreality. With such skills it is easy to see acting as a private detective requires some protection. Meet Alexander Berry, who is dealing with his own version of reality.

Written by The Strange Tale of Luther Strode author Justin Jordan, the pace of the book varies along with the action. There is a lot of exposition, bough it dealt with in quite a charming way that helps carry you into the crazy and before you know it, you are totally on board with what John Flood is trying to achieve.

Helping with the crazy is artist Jorge Coelho with an eclectic mix of angular art which at times seems reminiscent of John Romita Jr current style. This isn’t a bad thing as there is enough of Coelho’s own style to make the book look different. Aiding and abetting is Tamara Bonvillain whose colors are striking from page two and continues through the book to the various characters in their various environments.

Issue ones should always be fun, regardless of the quality. They are the chance to start something new, to make your own mind prior to people jumping on the bandwagon, colouring your perception. This is a quality book with a lead character that is both enigmatic and eccentric who seems to grab your attention to the point that you want to see the connections he does. And how did he end up in handcuffs anyway?

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