REVIEW: John Flood TPB

There are rare moments in fandom when something new comes along and knocks you on your ass. John Flood is a freight train of intrigue, mystery, unusual concepts, and superhero action that blindsides the reader right from the get-go.

I had not heard of this series from Boom before opening up this book. I didn’t know what to expect; as a reviewer you get a bit cynical towards new releases, but this… this is the best kind of surprise.

Justin Jordan and Jorge Coelho drag the reader into the story right from page one and don’t let go of you until the final panel, and the strange part is that even though you have gotten MORE than your money’s worth your still unwillingly to let the story go once it’s over. You want more. You NEED more.

John Flood is not your typical hero. He is egocentric, aloof, untethered, twisted, and suffers from the side effects of an experiment gone RIGHT, which left him no longer needing sleep. The downside is that his mind can no longer tell the difference between reality and dreams. The upside is that with all his extra free time he has begun to utilize his brain’s potential to make connections between seemingly random events; making him an insomniac Sherlock Holmes.

John is like the nutty professor, a bumbling, strange man who is ultimately so brilliant that common people can’t understand or identify with him. He operates on another level of intellect… which at first glance looks like madness, until his true genius is revealed.

He forgets to wear pants, he chases not existent bats through his home, and he turns his pool into a giant map of the United States. It these oddball moments that makes Flood lovable. The man is a goof and you can’t help but be sucked into his charm and eccentric behavior.  You want to see more of him. You want to know more about him.

Flood’s genius has helped him recognize that there is a mass killer on the loose. Imagine the worst serial killer in history and then multiple by ten. This unnamed butcher moves across the country slaughtering people at random, in a pattern that law enforcement doesn’t recognize; but Flood can.

Flood hires a disgraced cop named Alexander Berry to be his right hand in chasing down this human monster. The mystery that unfolds between the covers of this graphic novel is too good to reveal or spoil in a review. What you need to know is that Berry is the perfect foil to Flood. Berry is a straight-laced guy who seeks justice at every step; willing to throw himself in harm’s way to protect innocent people. Which comes in handy around Flood since the bizarre mind of Flood tends to not factor in human emotions or feelings. Berry is the heart while Flood is the brains.

The story is tight. The pacing is perfect. You are treated to a book that reads like a thrill ride, while also given enough room to inject humor and heart. You come to care about these characters and you want to see them through to the end. Justin Jordan has created a character in John Flood that should provide numerous future adventures for the comic world to enjoy.

Coelho’s artwork is simply masterful. Unique in its presentation, yet oddly familiar there is no weakness to be found on any panel. His style is a mix that falls somewhere between the Kubert brothers and a simplified Greg Capullo.

This is a series and a creative team to keep your eyes on. I expect big things from everyone involved in this title. This is a graphic novel you need to add to your collection ASAP. You will not regret adding this tale to your collection.

Quick Hit- This quirky comic has enough intrigue and offbeat humor to catapult the series creators into superstar status. Final Score – 5 out of 5 Stars!

John Flood TPB
Collects Issues 1-6
Story: Justin Jordan
Art: Jorge Coelho
Colors: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Publisher: BOOM

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