REVIEW: Joyride #8

This book brings back so many space adventure tales that I have read over the years but the latest would be the work that Marvel has done with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I could easily see this cast of misfits fitting in perfectly alongside Rocket, Groot and the rest.

This book has heart. You can see it in the craftsmanship that is not only on display in the artwork, (a tip of the hat to Marcus To) but also in the characterization and banter that plays throughout the entire story.

This was my first time reading this series and even though I am just stepping into the party I don’t feel like I missed too much. That takes talent; to write a series that is inviting to new readers and still compelling to those that have been with you since the beginning is the hallmark of great comic writers. Lanzing and Kelly have taken their time to build a great story and it shows.

The problem that I have with this book is a personal preference. When it comes to space stories or fantasy novels I hate characters and locations that have names spelled out in ridiculous ways. I understand that writers use this as a way to remove the trappings of familiarity for the reader, but it just ends up taking me out of the story. Too often this hurdle pops up and I had to stop and remind myself to just let it go. Once I removed that personal bias I was able to really immerse myself in the comic and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There are a number of plots being juggled in this issue but everything centers on the actions of Kolstak and the bomb he has planted to kill of an ancient space race that destroyed his home planet. He has waited ten thousand years for revenge and he is going to get it. What he doesn’t count on is the rest of the crew showing up to save him, a hostage from this alien race, and themselves … well, almost themselves. A sacrifice is made by one of the crew at the end of the issue that I will not spoil here, but not everyone walks away from this adventure.

Overall this book has great art, fun characters, and is worth the cover price. I am interested enough that I would like to read the back issues and keep up with this title and in the end I don’t think a creative team can ask for any more than that.

Final Score: 4 Stars

Joyride #8
Story: Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly
Art: Marcus To
Colors: Irma Kniivila
Letters: Jim Campbell
Publisher: BOOM

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