REVIEW: Judge Dredd #2

I’ve never really been a big Judge Dredd fan. I mean he’s a overpowered cop. I like the character but he’s never really stood out to me. Not to be cruel but this comic is more for the die-hard fans than the new to the character crowd. Written by Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas, we see a Dredd as a much older but still tougher than nails Judge. Art by Daniel Irizarri is creative and transitions well between light, dark, scene to scene and other elements. It moves the story along nicely. Colors by Ryan Hill are a nice stand out with many, many colors being used which is nice.

With a different take on the character and a far-fetched storyline, Judge Dredd has awaken one thousand years into the future. He’s old but not dead and he has lost his skeleton. Also he had just recently freed eight hundred million citizens. The world is now a Mad Max like civilization where it’s survival of the fittest. The judge’s look to Dredd as they rebuild their ranks and bring order back to a chaotic world. It’s a bit of a stretch to read but if you’re a die-hard fan you should have no problem getting into this story. It does have some character direction that makes me curious. Like is Dredd going to get his skeleton back? Where do you do with a much older character as far as story longevity? Is this perhaps a torch passing by introducing a new Judge Dredd? Does he have children? So on and so on.

If you’re into Judge Dredd then you will like getting on this book now because it’s only on issue two. If you’re not a fan of Judge Dredd then know that you’ll probably not get hooked by this story. I for one am not a big Judge Dredd fan. He has to be a tough character to write about. Looks fun to draw with plenty of violence to keep any artist and colorist busy for weeks. This is a new spin on Dredd so if you’re curious then you should check it out. Just don’t lose your skeleton over it. Judge Dredd issue two gets three out of five stars.

Ulises Fariñas& Erick Freitas (w) • Dan McDaid (a) • Ulises Fariñas (c)

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