REVIEW: Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth Uncensored

The highly anticipated original Judge Dredd epic complete, in Judge Dredd, The Cursed Earth UNCENSORED! This collection includes its ‘banned’ material for the very first time in nearly 40 years! Published in 2000 AD in 1978, the story ran into some troubles due to a UK law over parody. The inclusion of ‘Burger Wars’ and such characters as Ronald McDonald, the Jolly Green Giant and the Michelin Man caused the original program’s (61-85) to be censored.


This amazing piece of comic history from Pat Mills and John Wagner is available in a deluxe hardcover edition featuring all the previously banned content. The inclusion of numerous color spreads, some of which have never been seen makes this book a must have for any collector.

Screenshot_017 Screenshot_016

I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic as I flipped through this piece of history. I can remember seeing some of these from the original 2000 AD program’s and at the time I had no idea what I was missing. The book is full of witty dialogue and is perhaps more fitting today than even in 1978. The art is typical of the iconic series and beautifully crafted in each prog.

Whether new to comics or an elder statesmen this is a rare opportunity to pick up a real piece of history.

Writing: 5
Art: 5

by John Wagner (Author), Pat Mills (Author), Brian Bolland (Author)

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