REVIEW: Jughead # 3

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you Jughead # 3 by Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson.

Everyone knows Archie’s best pal Jughead Jones, even though he’s from the All New Archie era, he still has the classic Jughead persona – always hungry, always broke and always walking into trouble.

Jugheads been suspended by Riverdale because of a mishap caused by his father inadvertently leaving his fishing knife in his son’s schoolbag. Dealing with home life and dealing with his mom nagging has become a real drag for the Jugster, not even taking his beloved Hotdog for a walk will clear his mind. Jughead does get some downtime at Pops to drown his sorrows on a milkshake or going on some imaginary action adventures siding with The Men from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E.

This is my first All New Archie tale of Jughead and I’m impressed, it still has the layout and humour of what I’d expect from an Archie comic. Just looks different and still has the familiar cast such as Mrs Grundy, Reggie, Moose, Dilton, Betty and Veronica which is pretty cool. The imaginary adventure which spans to a different direction and pace was well planned and was a lot of fun.

Lastly the pages of 1950s Jughead stories somewhat related to the main story was a real treat and worth a look.

If you love classic Archie stories of his old pal Jughead, you wont be disappointed. Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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