REVIEW: Jupiter’s Circle #4

Before I do the review I would like to hold my hand up to the gaff I made in my Miami Vice Remix review. Joe KELLY not Casey wrote nineties Deadpool. I was on the way to Wales as I typed it and forgot to check my facts, my apologies. That being said I am relieved it wasn’t Kelly as Miami Vice Remix was bloody awful.

Right then, Jupiter’s Circle #4 written by Mark Millar drawn by Davide Gianfelice.

Again no re-cap made me feel like I was at a wedding reception and only knew the second cousin. To be honest everything positive I can say about this does feel like complimenting the happy couple when you know nothing about them. You know it’s supposed to be good, great creative team and all that but you’re not sure why?

It’s superhero melodrama that seems to combine basic soap opera tropes with super heroics and while Millar does this well enough, you feel all the right emotional beats and the dialogue is sound but he never seems to elevate it above daytime TV quality.

Gianfelice’s art is heavy on the Aldred, but that’s not a bad thing. Good facial expressions, strong story telling and it really helped the writing in some places. A scene were a young boy announces something murderous is the only glance back at Millar’s signature style but it’s the artists calm depiction of the boys demeanor that sells it.

The blurb mentions the Frank Quitely designed the costumes, and his fashion sense suits the retro feel of the book.

Maybe I stepped in on a filler issue, maybe my expectations were skewed by Millar’s reputation but I’ll struggle to remember this under everything else I’m reading, which is a shame if it turns out it was the only rabbit turd in the chocolate raisins.

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