REVIEW: Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3

Written by Mark Millar, Art by Frank Quitely , published by Image Comics

No recap so…family want super powered arsehole grandad to help them break all the inmates out of a super jail. That’s all I know.

That being said it was a better read than the last time I tried this title, it’s always a joy to see Millar reign in his trademark cynical humour and potty mouth. Not that you can’t tell this is one of his comics but it feels controlled and sculpted and you don’t feel like throwing up or opening a vain by the end of it.

The art, Quietlely has made a career out of three body types, broken noses and thin line work but it all works as it usually does and it’s always a pleasure to see his work.

The colours are nice, muted but bright, I don’t know if it’s the back light of a tablet but the pages really popped as colour is used to effect changes it scenes and memories.

I always hold my breath with Millar, wondering if one day he’ll push the boat out so far it’ll go over a waterfall, it’s come close once or twice but so far so good.

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