REVIEW: Justice League #10

Amid all of the confusion and stress that has filled up a really rotten 2016 it’s nice to have something familiar to hold onto. While this iteration of the JLA might be new to some fans; this is as comfy and cozy as an old pair of slippers to older fans. This is the chicken soup to the comic readers soul.

Bryan Hitch is not trying to reinvent the wheel with this outing. He just takes what works, places the audience on familiar turf and then lets the pieces play out in front of us. It’s simple and elegant storytelling. In an age where constant redesign is commonplace it’s nice to see an experience creator step back and go with what traditionally works. These are characters that have been around longer than most of their fan base—step back and let them be awesome.

Someone might want to get a sample of Neil Edwards’ hair for DNA testing because the guy’s art style is so close to Hitch’s that it down right spooky. I’m not sure how much influence Hitch has in the final product (by the looks of it he must have complete control) as the artwork has not diminished one bit.

The story is fairly basic. The JLA tracks down the person responsible for hacking them. The culprit turns out to be a widow and his family who lost his wife in the Kindred storyline. Through his hacking ability he had planned on stealing money from Lex Corp and Wayne Tech to give to nearby families who had lost loved ones in the latest League conflict.

Through a series of happenstance the hacking program is altered and given artificial intelligence. In an attempt to fulfill a child’s request to see the JLA beat up for the loss of the child’s mother the A.I. sends out a bounty to all the villains the JL have faced so far. Enter the villains. Cue up the classic good guys Vs. bad guys theme and we are off to the races! Just in time for next issue.

Final Thoughts: Simple storytelling and dynamic visuals are all it takes to make me a happy camper. This is good ‘ole fashion comics and it hits the sweet spot of what makes superhero comics great.

Final Grade: 4 Stars

Justice League #10
Story: Bryan Hitch
Art: Neil Edwards
Inks: Daniel Henriques
Colors: Adriano Lucas
Publisher: DC Comics

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