REVIEW: Justice League #18

It’s a mess.

The characters are handled OK, the action is hurried under the insanely detailed art and the story flaps about like a fat man who lost his chicken nugget. It’s all something to do with time travel and apparently our heroes are fighting cannon fodder in different time zones but you can’t tell because it all looks like a piley on at an S&M convention.

So there wasn’t much point in the fights being in different times, is there anything else? Well…

No, not really. Between crowded art muddling the story telling, a pace that tripped over itself and a distinct lack of epicness in a Justice League story this doesn’t have a lot to offer. Especially when it all revolves around Superman and Batman, who let’s face it don’t need the rest of the league.

Read it if you have been, I don’t think this is going to persuade many to sign up to DC’s subscription service.

Written by Bryan Hitch
Art by Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, and Brad Anderson
Published by DC Comics

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