REVIEW: Justice League #3

Written by Bryan Hitch, art by Tony S. Daniel & Sandu Florea, published by DC Comics

I really like Hitch’s art. Really good, I even have that art book he did, top stuff. His writing…not so much. Things are invading from the Earths core, big cosmic beings (that seem fairly interesting) are wandering the Earth spouting nonsense and if we are going to get a tearful farewell every pissing time Superman is off to save the world then I see a divorce in his future, or in comic terms probably a deal with Etrigan or something.

The characters are flat and seem ineffectual, the script is dull and none of the characters seem even remotely arsed except Superman who really doesn’t seem to have thought his world saving plan through to be honest.

The art fares better but it also feels a bit paint by numbers, a knicker shot of Wonder Woman, action scenes that lack any urgency and a scene involving Cyborg opening a Boom Tube to the centre of the Earth for Superman is so matter of fact I’m not entirely sure Mister Daniel isn’t an alien from the future who’s seen this so sort of thing  many times it’s frustratingly blazay to him.

Add to this the fact that I’ve no real idea what’s going on, the lack of interest in this comic only got me this far in the review.

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