REVIEW: Justice League 3001 #2

Written by Keith Giffen & J.M DeMatteis, art by Howard Porter

Being a Marvelite I do like to peruse the ‘opposition’ now and again to see if anything’s been as good as Animal Man. And as I enjoyed the Bwa Ha Ha era of the Justice League I wondered if the same writing team had  recaptured the magic  for Justice League 3001.

Well if The Bwa Ha Ha League was David Copperfield making a 747 disappear, this was David Blaine titing about in a block of ice. It’s certainly light-hearted but it’s dryer than a eunuchs vinegar strokes. The JL 3001 are fighting Staro and Supergirl turns up and while there’s some set up for humour there’s no real follow through.

Howard Porter’s art has come on since Grant Morrison’s Justice League run and it’s marginally better than the writing but again feels like it’s pulling coins from your ear rather than walking through the great wall of china. Everyone looks really bored to be there and the action is indistinct to the point I just had to double-check what they were fighting.

It’s far from a bad comic and it may well be I struck unlucky with the issue but wanting Penn and Teller and getting Uncle Jimmy the children’s entertainer left me feeling a bit wretched.

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