Review : Justice League # 42

G’Day Heroes,

This is Dodgy86 back in the mix bring you another comic review, today I bring you The Justice League # 42 by DC Heavy Weight Geoff Johns with art by Jason Fabok.

Darkseid War – Chapter Two : The New God

The evil Darkseid and his minions have declared war… Earth may be a casualty in this unforeseen war which will reach our solar system and this immediately involves The Justice League to prevent destruction. Although Darkseid has his mind set on victory, he has also set out a bounty for the death of The Man of Steel and for what purpose?

You will see appearances from Kirby’s great The New Gods.

This book has it all; drama, action, suspense and betrayal! A treat for space comic lovers.. This includes me as Darkseid is my favourite DC character.. (sorry Bats!)
John’s as usual; has an exceptional way of moving from scene to scene involving all characters without over populating the script yet giving fairly enough dialogue to all characters on each page. Fabok added absolute impact, he is the next Finch or Michael Turner with his intense detail as well as making everyone look good!

Thank you Johns and Fabok for making me a very happy reader, Without a doubt do ya’self a favour and check this out!

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