REVIEW: Justice League #44

WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST(s): Jason Fabok
COLORIST: Brad Anderson
COVER ARTIST(s): Fabok, Anderson
RELEASE DATE: 09/30/2015

Birthday review! Yep, my birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, so if I thought of all the new comic books as birthday presents, Justice League #44 was the big one I get at the end. This book is insane, and I love it.

First, the art. My god(s), Fabok. Absolute gorgeous throughout. Every character is perfection. Between his line work/inks, and Brad Anderson’s colors, this is a book you throw at someone who calls comic art “not real art.” So beautiful, and it makes every page shine. Seriously, it’ll be hard to watch anyone else draw the League after Fabok leaves (simple solution, don’t let him leave).

Now for the writing. Geoff. Baby. You can’t do this to me. You can’t deliver a 22-page comic packed with so much intensity and mind-numbing shock and then just tell me to come back in a month. My heart has been trampled every month since The Darkseid War began, and with the end of this issue, it’s clear that it’s just the beginning. Fans of Johns will find his writing to be at its very best in the issue, and people who don’t like his writing will either change their mind this issue or just continue picking it up for the art. Works either way.

I also would like to address something. I will admit, I’ve never liked the way Johns wrote Wonder Woman. Instead of treating her like the complex character of compassion and peace she’s supposed to be, he always seemed to write her as some bloodthirsty barbarian. All that has changed with this arc. She’s currently in the front of the series, leading the League with both Bats & Supes indisposed. And let me tell you, Johns has done a complete 180. There’s a two-pager early in this issue that perfectly showcases Diana’s character. It’s stunning. So, props to Mr. Geoff Johns, for turning something many readers thought to be a weakness into an amazingly strong suit.

So many plot threads, so much mind-shattering…honestly, if you’re not already picking up this series, and you’re on the fence about it, just do yourself a favor and head on down to your local comic shop. This is easily the best Justice League arc since the New 52 started.


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