REVIEW: Justice League #46

Justice League #46
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul

Let’s judge this book by its cover…. Not a big fan of this style, it’s simple straight lines tend to not only put me off but take away from my enjoyment of a story.

Just like issue 45 this one feels like nothing more than filler and an advert for the tie ins. Hey look Flash is a god now, so is batman… And superman…. And lex Luther…. And Shazam…. And green lantern… Omg ok we get it, they’re all gods and they all have tie in books and it’s Christmas and you all want to spend time with your families so you churn out books like this. This is a $4 book in the middle of a great storyline and this is terrible. Easily skipped in the overall story arch.

1 star. Such a shame because Darkseid Wars has been amazing.

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